Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Day One; Successsssss!

ohhai again.

I stayed home today, because i'm still sick. No idea if i'm going or not tomorrow... i know that i should, but yeah. no idea.
my word count was kinda. Meh. at first today. at 8 in the morning i only had two paragraphs, but then i was like. WHOA. IDEA. so i started writing, and when i checked again *i write in OneNote, so i have to copy and paste into word* i was at 2,387 when all I needed for the 50k goal is 1667 a day. I'm gonna shoot for atleast that much a day, and whatever's left is brilliant. Makes me book even longer, and if need be, can make up for days i missed.
i've got SATs this weekend, and i'm hoping my sick goes away by then...
How'd your first day go? Or, depending on where you live, how's it going now? I'm still gonna write some more, but I have to do some chemistry. Le Sigh.

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