Saturday, 17 December 2011

Well then.

So, I know it's been ages since i posted.
So much for once a day, eh? That lasted about a week.

Here's a run down on my first ever NaNoWriMo Experience.
The first few days before it, I was becoming petrified. I was nervous beyond anything.
But I found that I did in fact, have this. So i wrote and i wrote. After about the second week, i fell behind and had trouble catching up, even though i was doing all kinds of word sprints.
Over thanksgiving weekend, i ended up writing an average of about 5k words per day and was able to finish early. I hit the 50k word mark on November 26th at around 8:30 pm. My 50,000th word was lips. 
I'd have to extend a giant thanks to all my sprinting buddies, and everyone in the NaNoWriMo page on facebook - all 24,900 of you. - for keeping me going with stories and mini-competitions.
It was fun, and i seriously recommend you all do it.
If you're a year round writer, feel free to join this page. It's called "WriMore International" and the people are just brilliant. I post from time to time, and plenty of us are still going on with our NaNo projects, as well as other things.
Feel free to join us. We don't bite.

well. Most of us don't.

~Lisa Stevens
i'll keep posting here. don't worry.