Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Happy Hafly Belated Holidays!

Well, folks.
Christmas has come and gone.
We've opened our presents and visited the in-laws.
And now, we're just waiting for new years to come around to see which of us are the "Cool Kids" and which of us will be falling asleep before the Ball drops.
I've been writing again, it feels nice. Wrote over 1k words today, which is virtually nothing, but hey, it's gotta count for something. Oh well.
One of my New Years resolution: Post more for my blog ._.

What are your goals?
Also, if you're a person who loves to write, and has facebook, request an invitation to the group WriMore International!
That stands for Write More International, where someone is on at all hours, waiting to sprint, giving out mini challenges, and over all, giving advice for fellow authors. Come join us, we're non elitists. And the majority of us don't bite.


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